Pia Legong - Food Souvenir from Bali

10 Unique Souvenirs You Could Bring to Your Country from Bali

Bali is something that might cross your mind when you hear about Indonesia. This name is more popular than Indonesia. And you know what, that some people knows Bali but doesn’t know Indonesia. Bali is part of Indonesia, to be exact, it is a province in Indonesia. It has become the most favorite travel destination… Read More

The Uniqueness of Indonesian Heritage

Actually, there are lots of great places and the beautiful pristine areas in Indonesia with the heavenly panoramic view which you always wanted to see. So, make sure that you come into the great and heaven place which located in Sorong, Papua. This is about Raja Ampat, and this is the place which always giving… Read More

Pekalongan Batik

Finest Batik from Pekalongan

It may be known that the finest batik are made in Yogyakarta and Surakarta but in Indonesia, it has been known that other place in Java has same strong characteristic of Javanese batik. This city is Pekalongan, located in Central Java, same province as Surakarta. Pekalongan batik is one of the finest batiks with different… Read More

ujung kulon

Top 10 National Parks You Should Visit

In order to protect the local unique ecosystem and habitat, many countries in this world have its own National Park. There are many national parks in this world that also become the tourist attractions. National park also a sanctuary in purpose to protect the ecosystem and the habitat of the local flora and fauna by… Read More

Bedugul lake - Beratan (Bali)

How Great The Nature of Bedugul

Do you know what makes Bali becomes very awesome as a tourism object? It is because it has a very beautiful natural landscape which is very suitable for everybody who wants to get out from the busy of big city. One place which is good to enjoy this panorama is coming to Bedugul. In Bedugul,… Read More

Bledug Curch Semarang, Indonesia

Bledug Church Semarang Tourist Destination

Even Indonesia is the country with the biggest numbers of Muslim people, this country has five religions which are legally allowed that are Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddha, and Kong Hu Cu or Confucianism. In this country, we can visit a lot of religious sites which are historical and popular for each religion. For Christian religious… Read More

Sari Ater Hot Spring Lembang

Things to Do in Pemandian Air Panas Sari Ater Lembang

Like Garut, Lembang is other small town that located in West Java. This town is surrounded by many mountains which created a very fresh air and makes the temperature quite cold. However, you also could find hot spring on this town and it’s called Pemandian Air Panas Sari Ater or also known as Sari Ater… Read More

Wakatobi Island

Visit Wakatobi and Explore Its Beauty

Wakatobi is one of the finest diving sites on the world. The name of this small archipelago comes from the acronym of four islands, Wangiwangi Island, Keledupa Island, Tomea Island and Binongko Island. It’s the perfect place for those of you who love to dive and enjoy the beauty of underwater ecosystem. Location: This small archipelago… Read More

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