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10 Amazing Waterfalls You Should See in Indonesia

One of the natural tourist destinations which has the stunning view and so refreshing is a waterfall. It is a natural creature by God which can be made by human being and its amount is limited around the world. There are many waterfall spots in Indonesia. These are ten waterfall which has has the beautiful scenery in Indonesia.

Grojogan Sewu Waterfalls


Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

Grojogan sewu is a waterfalls located in Karanganyar central Java. It means thousands of waterfalls. It is about 27 from the Karanganyar city. It height is 80 meters. In this waterfall, the monkeys are live freely and add the special impression for the visitors.

Girimanik Waterfalls


Girimanik Waterfall

Girimanik Waterfalls has the three main part, Manik Moyo waterfalls with 70 meters in height and Tejo Moyo waterfalls, and Condromoyo waterfalls with 30 meters in height. Girimanik waterfall not only serves the beautiful part of it but also gives the visitor a traditional ritual called Susuk Wangan.

Balang dara Waterfalls


Balang Dara Waterfall

Balang dara waterfalls are located about 25 km from Palaihari, Tanah Laut, South Borneo. It has the beautiful and exotic panorama. It is in 45 in mountain height and located in the Meratus Mountain.

Curug Cipendok Waterfalls


Curug Cipendok Waterfall

With 92 meters in height makes the watersdrops from its height looks so beautiful in Curug Cipendok waterfalls. The waterfalls located in Slamet Mountain slope attract the visitors with its beautifuland fresh environment around the waterfalls.

Curug Sabuk Waterfalls

curug sabuk

Curug Sabuk Waterfall

Curug Sabuk waterfalls are the waterfall located in Sumedang, West java. Because of this waterfalls is located in the middle of forest, so you need to rent guidance from the residence near this waterfall in order avoid missing. It has six water drops in each waterfall with the highest one is 70 meters.

Sedudo Waterfall


Sedudo Waterfall

Sedudo waterfall has 105 meters in height. It is located about 30 km from Nganjuk city. There is a cleaning statue ritual done in first moth in Java calendar, Suro named Parna Prahista ritual and its water cleaning baptize to make long lasting age.

Seweru Waterfall Madiun


Seweru Waterfall

Located in the Wilis Mountain slope makes Seweru waterfall has the fresh air around this waterfall in Madiun, East Java. It has 400 meters in height. The water spring comes from the mountain and it flows under a big shady tree.

Moramo Waterfall


Moramo Waterfall

Moramo waterfall is located about 70 km southeast from Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. This waterfall has the ten levels of waterfall with each level in 0,5 until 3 meters. From all of the levels, this waterfall has height 100 meters.

Sidomba Waterfall


Sidomba Waterfall

Sidomba waterfall comes from the word domba means goat. It is located in the Ciremai Mountain and it has 3 meters in height. This waterfall is discovered by some Islam Terpadu Umar Sjarifudin students who hiking near this waterfall in 2002.

Sikarim Waterfall


Sikarim Waterfall

The beautiful and exotic panorama is served by Sikarim waterfall, so that it has a lot of visitor even though located in the remove place from resident. It is located in a forest in Wonosobo, Central Java. By visiting this waterfall, you can chase away your stress and refresh your mind.

Srambang Waterfall


Srambang Waterfall

Srambang waterfall is located in the northern foothill of Mount of Lawu. It has 25 meters in height. To reach this waterfall need a challenging rod road with rocking road and slippery ground. After reaching Srambang waterfall all of those difficulties go away.