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10 Unique Souvenirs You Could Bring to Your Country from Bali

Bali is something that might cross your mind when you hear about Indonesia. This name is more popular than Indonesia. And you know what, that some people knows Bali but doesn’t know Indonesia. Bali is part of Indonesia, to be exact, it is a province in Indonesia. It has become the most favorite travel destination for years. It has beautiful and variety beaches, traditional villages with unique traditions, its foods, and of course the hospitality of its people. It makes tourists feel like home and plan to visit it again in the future.

If there is time to leave Bali, and you think about bringing something to your country, there are plenty of souvenir choices you could buy. And here are top 10 list of unique souvenirs you could bring with you.

1. Pie Susu

Pie Susu - Milk Pie from Bali

Pie Susu or Milk Pie is a flat round shape pie with a crisp and loud suburb fla creamy milk in the middle. It has special blend of flavors. Generally, the more well known is the original milk pie, but actually in Bali. Milk Pie is available in a variety of toppings such as cheese, almonds, raisins and chocolate chips. There are a lot of milk pie producers in Bali. You will find milk pie with a variety of brands, but certainly all of them equally delicious. Milk pie can be purchased at many centers for souvenirs typical of Bali. But, you must be aware that this food has short expiration date. It won’t be last than a week. So, make sure that you are not traveling anywhere other than flying back home.

2. Kacang Disco

Disco Peanut - Food Souvenir from Bali

Kacang Disco or Disco Peanuts are fried peanuts dry after previously wrapped in dough of flour and seasonings. This disco peanut are crispy and crunchy when eaten. Moreover, disco nuts are available in different flavors ranging from sweet, spicy-sweet, barbecue until shrimp. Just like pie milk, a lot of this trademark disco nut in Bali. To buy it, you can easily find it in the center of souvenirs typical of Bali.

3. Pia Legong

Pia Legong - Food Souvenir from Bali

With characteristic Legong dancers on the packaging, Pia Legong become typical souvenirs of Bali next many travelers hunted. Pia Legong made without using the machine, and only in limited quantities to maintain the quality of taste. There are at least three variants namely cheese, chocolate and green beans. To buy it, you can come directly to his shop located at Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. However, because production is not in large amounts, you should make a reservation by phone in advance.

4. Keripik Ceker Ayam

Chicken Claw Cracker from Bali

Keripik ceker ayam or Chicken claw crackers or other names crackers chicken leg is a typical Balinese food is often so regular domestic travelers choice for a souvenir before leaving the island BALI. Chicken claw crackers “Chicken Ceker Original Bali” is made from chicken legs are processed with spices traditional spices make the tastes are original and without preservatives. Taste delicious, crunchy, and delicious deeply embedded in this product. It is also rich in benefits for our bones, among other things: to prevent bone loss (osteoporosis) due to the chicken claw is very rich in nutrients that serves to maintain the performance of the bones in our body (protein, collagen, calcium and some minerals).

5. Kintamani Coffee

Kintamani Coffee from Bali

Have a friend fan of coffee? Bring just Kintamani coffee as souvenirs. Kintamani coffee is one of the best quality coffee beans in Indonesia. Similar with Gayo and Flores coffee, Kintamani coffee obtain a certificate Geographical Indication which means the coffee is in compliance with international coffee standards.

Kintamani coffee has a unique flavor that can not be found at another coffee. With the plantation system of intercropping, coffee trees are in terraced fields along with other crops such as citrus, cocoa and a variety of vegetables. This makes sense Kintamani coffee is slightly acidic because it mixes with the scent of citrus.

This coffee can be found in many centers for souvenirs typical of Bali. But if you want to buy and see the direct processing of traditional coffee, please come to the area of ​​Kintamani, Bali.

6. Bali Home Spa

Bali Home Spa

This one should fit to your wife and female friends. Home spa products from Bali will make anyone can make their own spa at home, without having to bother to come to the salon body treatments. Balinese home spa products are available in different brands, you can choose which best suits your needs. For product variants, in addition to body butter and body scrub, body mist is also available and shampoo. These products can be found at the center of the typical souvenirs of Bali as well as shopping centers in Kuta such as Discovery Mall.

7. Craft Silver Celuk Bali

Craft Silver Celuk Bali

Known as the best silver producing areas in Bali since 1976, Celuk increasingly recognized by the tourists at home and abroad. Celuk silver handicrafts typical of this very diverse forms and types ranging from jewelry, sculpture to knives and forks. If you do not have time to visit directly into the village of Celuk, you do not need to worry. The silver also can be purchased in the art market in Bali, most popular one is Sukawati, and also in the area of ​​Nusa Dua.

8. Craft Beads Bali

Craft Beads Bali

Bali also has craft beads that are very unique and beautiful. It is about creativity where Bali residents were able to create a variety of sweet accessories like beaded necklaces and bracelets. In addition to body accessories, beads can also be transformed into a beautiful pouch which can be a sweet gift for your friend in his hometown. It is not hard to find craft beads in Bali. You can buy it at almost all markets that are on this island. In addition, it also being peddled around in a lot of tourist attractions in Bali.

9. Batik Bali

Batik from Bali

Batik is a traditional cloth originated from many provinces in Indonesia. Most famous cities where you heard about Batik are Yogyakarta, Solo, Pekalongan and Cirebon. But, Bali also has its own Batik design which differentiate it from other cities. So, it is worth it to buy Batik Bali, and if you plan to do so, do not forget to stop by the Batik Galuh Bali in the village of Batubulan, District Sukawati.

Coming to Galuh Batik, you not only can buy products. You can see the process of creating batik cloth as well as learning how to create it. Besides sold in sheets of cloth, batik here is also sold in the form of finished products such as dresses, shirts and bags.

10. Joger

Joger clothes from Bali

With the slogan ‘Plant Words’, Joger is synonymous with the design of products that use the phrase tickling games at once sarcastic. Joger variety of products that you can buy as souvenirs of which are T-shirts, sandals, mugs, bags and key chains. Do not hesitate! Just come into Jalan Raya Denpasar – Bedugul KM ​​37.5.

There are 10 unique souvenirs from Bali you can bring to your countries. Most of them can be bought in Ngurah Rai airport if you don’t have time to visit their original stores. But, visiting their original stores could give you different experiences and of course, you will get cheaper price.