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Admiring the Beauty of Nature in Soasio, Tidore Islands

Soasio is a city located in the Province of the North Maluku, East Indonesia. This city exactly is located in the Tidore Island, besides Soasio is a capital city of the Prefecture of the Middle Halmahera. Soasio is located in the Northeast Tidore Islands; this city is an important city because of its important role, because Soasio has everything in the Soasio city. Soasio has traditional markets to the modern markets such as like mall, mini market, to the other public center. Besides Soasio also has university along with the other public and private schools in Soasio, with those facility, makes Soasio city holds an important role in the Tidore Islands.

Soasio City

Soasio City

Historically, Soasio was a city under the territory of the Dutch colony, since there were many Dutch colonies’ buildings stood still in Soasio city. It means that Soasiu held the important role in the past. Besides the colonialism legacy buildings in Soasio city, Soasio city also has the local kingdom, that is Sonyiane Malige, that is the palace of the Kasultanan Tidore Kingdom, until now, the building is still stood still as the museum in that city. Before the coming of the Dutch colony Soasio was ruled by the Tidore Kasultanan Kingdom.



Soasio city is thick by the local tidore traditional culture, up until now, when we are visiting in Soasio city, there are many people still do their activity according to their culture, like the local wisdom, traditional fabric, and many other local traditional culture ceremony held in Soasio city. Besides culture, Soaso city also offers many interesting places, there are the local palace in Soasio city that was the Tidore kingdom which becomes the local museum and university that keeps the Kingdom historical things, or the fortress built by the Spain military in the 17th century, Tohula fortress, also you have to visit the tourism village Garabunga which is located in the Keimatubu mountain, which is still active. This village offers the amazing scenery surround the mountain.


Malige Museum Soasio

Because of the geographic factor in Soasio that is an archipelago island, so the transportation that has been the main transportation is the water transportation along with the road transportation. The road transportation in Soasio offers many public transportations like bus and other cabs, besides there are many private transportation there. Sultan Babullah Airport in Ternate City on Ternate Island is the entry point for Soasio where you can reach via Makassar, the eastern Indonesian airport hub. Flight time from Jakarta, via Makassar, is 5 hours.