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Amazing Things That You Would Find on Weh Island

Weh Island is an island that could be found on the northern of Banda Aceh. This beautiful island is the perfect place for diving and snorkeling. The water is so clear and the beaches on this island are very beautiful. You also could enjoy several local foods and drinks as well.

Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia

Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia

Location: The location of the island is on the northern end of Sumatera and could be reached easily from Banda Aceh only using boat or plane.

Opening Day/Hour: There is no official time for visiting the island which means you could visit the island whenever you want to. However, you might have to follow the schedule of the boat that would bring you to the island. Fast ferry would leave at 04.00 PM and 09.30 PM while slow ferry leaves at 02.00 PM.

Entrance Fee: You don’t have to pay any entrance fee for visiting the island. You just have to pay for the boat or the plane and other accommodations such as transportation on the island, foods, drinks and bungalows. You also need to pay for diving equipments or diving instructor if you want to dive on the island.

Street Direction to Location: Since you could access the island only by the sea, there is no street direction to the island. However, once you’re on the island, you might need to know direction from one spot to another.

Do n Don’ts: The main activity that you should do while you’re on the island is diving or snorkeling. You also need to try several local foods and drinks at local restaurants such as Dang Dang Na, Norma and Limbo Café.  However, make sure you don’t held party in this island since alcohol drinks are generally forbidden. Don’t take anything like fish or coral from the bottom of the sea either.