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Atambua, a Border City in the East Indonesia

Atambua is a small city that also has the predicate as the capital city of Belu region in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Mostly the citizen use the local language that is called Tetun language while other is using kemak language. In Atambua, the citizen is mostly Catholic religion, it is about 95% people there is catholic. It is because in Atambua is the diocese region or it is usually called as Atambua diocese. Atambua stretched as far as 8.5 km from North to South and 5 km from East to West and it is populated by about 650.000 people in year 2008. Atambua has diversity in many aspect like religion, ethnic and other background, but Atambua people is very harmonious and peaceful, just like the philosophy of Atambua, which means to live with diversity.


Kota Atambua, NTT, Indonesia

In the past, Atambua is the region under the territory of Dutch colony, because Nusa Tenggara is the archipelago island, Atambua had the harbor which was important by the Dutch colony at that time. Atambua’s harbor was very important harbor by the Dutch colony in the colonialism age in Indonesia, since there was the main harbor to load and download the Dutch cargo, mainly it was used to load the Indonesian nature wealth such as spice and many more.

The Atambua Gate, Mota'Ain, Kabupaten Belu, NTT

Atambua Gate, Mota’Ain, Kabupaten Belu, NTT

In Atambua there is one main ethnic live in there that is Belu ethnic, which is living on the Belu region in Atambua. Belu ethnic has its unique fabric that is only made by the hand made by the Belu ethnic itself. Its fabric handicraft can be bought and bging to home as the souvenirs for families or friends. In Atambua also has the local architecture building, which is called Lorodirma house, it is the main house for Belu ethnic in Atambua. Besides the culture, Atambua also has the interesting places to be visited. Once you get in Atambua, you have to visit Susuk pound, it is a famous pound in Atambua, and it has the fresh fishes that you can eat, and of course it is delicious, while eating fresh fish in Susuk pound, you can also enjoy the scenery of Susuk pound in Atambua.

Atambua NTT

Kota Atambua NTT, Indonesia

The transportation in Atambua is divided by the road and air or water transportation, but the road is the main transportation in Atambua. There are many public and private road transportation in Atambua, also it has water transportation like boat and traditional boat, besides, Atambua also has airport, that is Haliwen airport, the distance between the airport and the city is about 4 Km.

Atambua is also a major gateway to visit East Timor (Timor Leste) by land transportation. There is an Immigration check in Motaain, the city at the border of Indonesia and Timor Leste. The distance between Atambua and Motaain is 30 km where it will take about 30-45 minutes driving from Atambua.