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Balikpapan, the Rich City with Nature Wealth and Ethnic Diversities

Balikpapan is one of cities in the Province of East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Balikpapan is a rich city, because in Balikpapan there are many natural mining, such as oil mining, coal mining, in Balikpapan the most popular mining is oil mining, because Balikpapan is rich with the oil contents, and the other name of Balikpapan’s predicate is an oil city, because there are many oil mining in Balikpapan city. Besides the mining, Balikpapan is also known as the most expensive city in Indonesia for living, because of the living cost in Balikpapan is very expensive.


Balikpapan, Indonesia

Just like in the other regions in Indonesia, historically, the history of the city’s past is considered in two backgrounds, those are the period of pre Dutch colonialism and the period of the Dutch colonialism. Balikpapan was also ruled by the local kingdom in the past, as the history before the coming of Dutch colony, there is the one most famous kingdom in Balikpapan, that was Kutai kingdom, and Balikpapan was the territory of Kutai kingdom. But after the coming of Dutch colony in Balikpapan, Dutch colony was seized the power of the local kingdom and stole the nature wealth of Balikpapan city, until the Independence of Indonesia Balikpapan is famous by the mining.

The Manggar Sari Beach, Balikpapan, Indonesia

Manggar Sari Beach, Balikpapan, Indonesia

Culturally, in Balikpapan is varied, since there are many ethics on this city. There are like Kutai ethnic, Dayak ethnic, Banjar ethnic, Bugis ethnic, and Javanese ethnic, by the vary of the ethnics in Balikpapan, there are many traditional cultures in Balikpapan, every ethnic in there has its own traditional culture, that is why the diversity in Balikpapan is rich. Besides the culture, Balikpapan also has some interesting places to be visited; those are Argo tourism park, which has many kinds of plants, Manggar Segara Sari Beach, with the beautiful scenery, and many forests that can be discovered in there.

The Refinery of Balikpapan

Balikpapan Refinery, Indonesia

Since Balikpapan is an important city because of the natural wealth, there is air transportation in Balikpapan, the air port is located in Balikpapan, and it is named Sepinggan air port. This air port services international air routes. Besides the air transportation, there is road transportation which is dominated by the public transportations such as like cabs with Argo meter or without Argo meter, and other local public buses in Balikpapan. While the water transportation in Balikpapan is by using ferry ship, speed boat, or other traditional Balikpapan boat such as like Ketinting.