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Bandar Lampung, the City Gate to Enter the Oldest National Park in Indonesia

Bandar Lampung is one of the big cities in Sumatera Island, and Bandar Lampung is the capital city of the Province of Lampung, Indonesia. Geographically, Bandar Lampung is the main gate as the entrance to the Sumatera Island, because Bandar Lampung is the nearest city with Java Island, and it is near with Jakarta. That is why Bandar Lampung holds very important role of transportation and economy, because every logistic distribution must pass Bandar Lampung city, because Bandar Lampung is the first city in Sumatera Island that is near with Jakarta in Java. Besides Bandar Lampung is also the central of education, culture and economy in the Province of Bandar Lampung.

Bandar Lampung City

Historically, Bandar Lampung is the one of the Dutch colony territory in the past, when Indonesia is ruled under the Dutch colony. Since in the colonialism era, Bandar Lampung held the important role as the gate of transportation in Sumatera Island. Because there were many soldiers and Dutch government in Sumatera Island that had to be supplied by logistic, and those logistics had to pass Bandar Lampung, that was why Bandar Lampung had the important role since the colonialism era and until now, Bandar Lampung is the important city of transportation of Java to Sumatera Island.


Lampung from Above

Culturally, Bandar Lampung is a diversity city, since there are many ethnic from Indonesia live in there, that is why there are much diversity in Bandar Lampung such as like Javanese culture, Sudanese culture, Madura culture, Balinese culture and many more, but the origin culture also exists on Bandar Lampung, that is Sibatin culture. Sibatin culture has the unique character of uniform of ethnic it is called with Sibatin fabric, that is used to be uniform by its ethnic. Besides culture, Bandar Lampung also has many interesting places to be discovered, there are like, Way Kambas National Park, it is a part of preserve of Bandar Lampung elephants, this is a interesting place to visit, you can interact directly with the elephants, besides you also can visit the white sand beach in Bandar Lampung, this beach has the white sand and the great scenery, you have to visit this beach once you get there.



Beside those attractions, this city also is becoming wellknown because of Luwak Coffee. A rare coffee which is not easy to make. But, you will find some Luwak coffee farmer in live in this city.

The transportation in Bandar Lampung is dominated by the road transportation, it is proven by much public and private transportation in Bandar Lampung and as the important city of transportation, there is a toll way in there. The airport in this city named Radin Inten II airport, located in 14 Km from the north of Bandar Lampung city.