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Bitung, a Place to Find the Smallest Monkey in the World

Bitung City is one of cities in the Province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bitung City has the fast city’s development because of its harbor that can accelerate the city’s development, that is why the harbor in Bitung City is very important to the economy and the development of its city. Bitung City Is located in the Northeast of Minahasa land, and this city consists of flat land region that is located in the Dausudara Mountain, and it is near with the island that is called with Lembeh.

The Bitung Port

Bitung Port, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Historically, Bitung City name was taken from the name of the trees that grow many in the Sulawesi island region. This name came from the local ethnic who live on that island that is Minahasa ethnic. Long time before the independence of Indonesia and the coming of many migration people and develop as the city just like now, Bitung City was a region that was ruled by one chieftain, until in the year 1940 there was an investor that wants to explore the nautical wealth of Bitung City by building the local harbor in there because it was a strategic location, by the time, Bitung City was developed by the fishing industry of its harbor until now.

The Lembeh Island

Lembeh Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Culturaly, Bitung City is dominated by Sangir ethnic, so the culture in Bitung City is not different from the culture that is exist in the Nort Nusa. As the product of the ethnic, there are many interesting culture in Bitung City from Sangir ethnic, that is Masamper, this is a local traditional song with the little dance on it contains counsel, advice, and praise words to the Lord. The main attraction in Bitung City is Tangkoko National Park, this is the interesting national park that you have to visit in Bitung City, and this national park is also the habitat for the smallest primate in the world, Tarsius. Tarsius is the local fauna besides there are many other flora and fauna that lives in there.

Tangkoko National Park, Bitung, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Tarsier (Tarsius), Tangkoko National Park, Bitung, Sulawesi, Indonesia

The transportation in Bitung City is only by road and water transportation, there is no air port in this island, you have to depart from the Sam Ratulangi International air port in Manado, which is located about 100 Km from Bitung City. The road transportation is dominated by private vehicles and public transportation, besides water transportation is very important in Bitung City, from the airport you have to use the water transportation to the Bitung City.