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Blitar, a City where the First Indonesian President was Born

Blitar is a city in East Java, Indonesia. Blitar is located in the Province of East Java, and the distance with the capital city of the Province of East Java, Surabaya is about 165 Km. Blitar is well known as the birth city of the first Indonesian President Ir. Soekarno, and the city where the first President of Indonesia was buried. Besides the historical and struggle city in the Province of East Java, Blitar is also known as the Koi fish city, because Blitar is famous with Koi fist cultivation, and known as the Koi fish besides historical city.

Tomb of First President of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno

The Tomb of First President of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno – Blitar, Indonesia

Historically Blitar is the city ruled uder the Majapahit kingdom, and Blitar was the territory of Majapahit Kingdom. Blitar has the multi ethnic culture since there are some ethnic lived in Blitar, besides Javanese ethnic who dominated the Blitar population, at that time there is also Chinese ethnic lived in Blitar. After the ruin of Majapahit kingdom, there was a Dutch colony ruled Indonesia, included Blitar was ruled by the Dutch. Many regions in East Java included Blitar were ruled under the Dutch colony and it made people of Blitar want to raise a rebellion and struggle in order to give freedom and independence of Indonesia.

The Penataran Temple

Penataran Temple, Blitar, Indonesia

The culture in Blitar is the traditional Javanese culture which is centered in Yogyakarta and Surakarta, Central Java. The traditional Javanese culture in Blitar is varied. The language in Blitar is using Javanese language, which has hierarchy in the pronunciation. Besides the oral culture in the Blitar there are also many traditional cultures in Blitar. The traditional culture performances in Blitar are often to be performed, especially when traditional ceremony is being held in there.

The Serit Beach, Blitar

Serit Beach, Blitar, Indonesia

Besides the cultural point of Blitar, Blitar also has many interesting places to be visited. Those places are like the first president of Indonesia’s grave, Ir. Soekarno which is located only 2 Km from the Blitar city. Besides the monumental graves in Blitar, there is also the other attraction place in Blitar that is Kebon Rojo. Kebon Rojo is a family amusement park in Blitar city. This amusement park has been visited by many families for holiday. The transportation in Blitar is road transportation; you can choose the public transportation in there for example buses or cabs. If you are looking for the air transportation, the distance between the airport is about 167 Km since the airport is located in Surabaya.