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Carita Beach – The Nearest Beautiful Beach from Jakarta

Indonesia is very popular for the various beautiful beaches. If you plan to visit Banten province, make sure you don’t miss Carita Beach or Pantai Carita. This is one of the most popular beaches located along the West Coast area of Banten. The white sands and blue ocean water make this beach is a perfect spot for you and your loved ones to hang out and have fun. Also, you can enjoy the view of Krakatau Volcano from this beach.

Carita Beach

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There are several water sports that you can do while you’re on this beach. The first one is Banana Boat, and it costs around Rp 20.000 to Rp 30.000 per person. And then, you can rent a jet ski for Rp 500.000 an hour. If you want more challenging sports, just go snorkeling, diving, or join the spear fishing tour. The entrance fee to Carita Beach itself is Rp 8.000 per person, not including the fee for the vehicle.

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View Carita Beach (2)

The public facilities provided on the beach are toilet, prayer room, life guard team, and information room. To get to Carita Beach, you may need to rent a car for more convenience. Or, you can take a public transportation called angkot and head from Cilegon city, but it is less comfortable. The trip takes around one hour from Cilegon, or if you head from Jakarta, you may require two hours or more. There are some decent restaurants located around the beach, but you can have a nice picnic on the beach with your loved ones by bringing your own food if you’re interested.