Pekanbaru, a Busy Trading Port on the Bank of Siak River

Pekanbaru in Riau is known as the prosperous region in Indonesia. Pekanbaru is located in the east of Indonesia along with Sumatera Island; Pekanbaru also has its archipelago. There are ten prefectures in Riau, and the capital of Province of Riau is Pekanbaru. In the historical aspect, Pekanbaru was named by Portuguese military in the… Read More


Manggar, the City of Thousands Coffee Shops

Manggar is a region in the East Belitung, Indonesia. This city is located in the Bangka Belitung islands, the archipelago island. Since the location is in the Bangka Belitung Island, which is famous by the tin and other natural wealth mining, in the Bangka Belitung Island also has the other potential attraction besides mining, that… Read More


Sumenep, the City in the Eastern of Madura Island

Sumenep is a city in Madura Island; this city is located in the northern of the Madura Island. Sumenep is a prefecture in the Province of East Java, Indonesia.  Just like the other city and region in Madura Island, Sumenep is also famous by the salt producer, since in Madura island is rich with the… Read More

The Pintu Kota Beach

Ambon, an Amazing Beach City at the Horseshoes Island

Ambon is the main city in the Ambon Island. Ambon is also the capital city of the Maluku (Moluccas) province of Indonesia. Ambon was an attraction since centuries ago. It was the center city of Portugal and VOC powers. Portugal was colonized Ambon in 1500s, once under the British rule, before the Dutch control the… Read More