Ijen Mountain

Amazing Lava Attraction at Ijen Craters

The beauty usually comes from something which is nice and enjoyable, so we can see where the beauty is, but it is not always like that. Sometimes the beauty also comes from the challenging thing such as Kawah Ijen (Ijen Craters). Curious about what this is all about? Just keep on reading. If you are… Read More

Tangkuban Parahu Craters

Tangkuban Parahu – Feel The Warmth in Craters Garden

Indonesia has so many kinds of folk and culture that can lead us to some beautiful places in this country, including Tangkuban Parahu. This mountain is believed as the result of Sangkuriang’s anger because he did get her mother as a wife. Apart from the story, Tangkuban Parahu is very wonderful. How wonderful is it?… Read More

Mount Dieng

Dieng – Ideal Destination for Tranquility

If you want to find the natural tourism place which can get you away from the rush hour of city life, Dieng is the best choice. Want to know what can you get there? Let’s check out. The name of “Dieng” maybe is not as great as Bromo Volcano, but Dieng can offer an amazing… Read More