Bedugul lake - Beratan (Bali)

How Great The Nature of Bedugul

Do you know what makes Bali becomes very awesome as a tourism object? It is because it has a very beautiful natural landscape which is very suitable for everybody who wants to get out from the busy of big city. One place which is good to enjoy this panorama is coming to Bedugul. In Bedugul,… Read More

Toba Lake

Tease Your Tongue and Eye in Danau Toba

Usually there is nothing special about a lake since it is not different to a sea or pond since it is a large area which is fulfilled with water, but in Indonesia the meaning that lake can give can be different, including what Danau Toba means. Danau Toba is a lake which becomes the famous… Read More

Kintamani Lake (Bali)

Tasting The Uniqueness of Kintamani Lake Tradition

Nobody who does not know about Bali because this land consists of many amazing natural places that are combined with the culture and traditional art, and one of them is Kintamani. Kintamani is a place which mostly related to a mystical belief due to the existence of Trunyan graveyard, is there anything else that we… Read More

Lake Kelimutu, Nusa Tenggara Timur Indonesia

Enjoy the Beauty of Multicolor Lake Kelimutu

Visiting a mountain, beach or sea is very common thing to do when it is about having a trip. In Indonesia, there is a unique tourism object which is different from the others, and it is also very beautiful. This place is called as Danau Kelimutu (Kelimutu Lake). What makes it different and so special?… Read More