National Monument (Monas)

Monas: The Symbol Of Indonesian Freedom

When you hear about Jakarta, what comes up in your mind? The answer could be a capital city of Indonesia, big city, traffic or rush hour, but anyway even though the traffic jam is one thing which is famous from Jakarta, it has another good place to go called Monas. Monas means a lot for… Read More

Jembatan Ampera (Ampera Bridge) At Night

The Good Looks of Jembatan Ampera, Palembang, Indonesia

Visiting Indonesia brings you to beautiful places spread all over the sides of the country. Indonesia has many islands and each of the islands consists of areas. Each of the areas has its own landmarks to attract tourists to visit. Let’s take a look at Sumatra Island. When you visit South Sumatra, you cannot ignore… Read More

Jam Gadang (Padang, West Sumatra)

Jam Gadang – Indonesia Traditional Big Ben at Padang

In London, Big Ben is really famous as one hot spot destination for every tourist who are visiting London or England, but do you know that Indonesia also has the famous and unique big clock? Yup that clock is called as Jam Gadang. So, how interesting is this place? This place has been the symbol… Read More

Tugu Katulistiwa

Equator Monument – Pontianak

Pontianak is known as the city on equator which is located in West Kalimantan. The city lies on the banks of Kapuas River. Kapuas itself appears to be one of the longest rivers throughout the world. In Indonesia, Kapuas is the longest and largest river. When it comes to Pontianak, no one will ignore its… Read More