Waterbom Bali

Enjoy Water Adventure At Bali Waterboom

Water adventure becomes really great experience which people will expect especially when they are visiting the topical place. Maybe people will think that when they visit Bali which is one of the most famous tropical islands in the planet, they have to go to the beaches for enjoying the water activity, but in fact there… Read More

Waterboom Pantai Indah Kapuk (Jakarta)

Waterbom – Most Famous Jakarta Water park

Jakarta can be very crowded city with great population of human being who are rushing because they have to work for collecting money. It means that people can get bored and stressed easily but it does not mean that people in Jakarta always have to go out of the town for enjoying great refreshment experience… Read More

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Keong Mas)

TMII – Visiting The Miniatur of Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country with many islands which are spread all around the country. Indonesia is very wide and people in Indonesia comes from various cultural background so people will be able to find a lot of tradition as well as local thing which is interesting besides the nature scenery which must be very… Read More

Dunia Fantasi Ancol – Disneyland Alternative in Jakarta

When people in Jakarta want to find recreation place which is not far from their living place, it is sure that Ancol becomes the destination. The beach if quite interesting for people in Jakarta but Dunia Fantasi must be the theme park which is loved by people in Jakarta because it is the only theme… Read More