10 Things to do in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a hub of the economical and government in Indonesia. Jakarta always visited by most of the Indonesia people. Because it is an often visited, these are 10 places to visit in Jakarta. Visiting National Monument (Monas) Monas means National Monument. It is one of the attractive… Read More

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Top 10 Mosques You Must Visit In Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest population of Muslims in the world, so, it is not strange if there are many mosques built in Indonesia. Mosques is an important building for Muslims, mosque is a house of worship for them, for Muslims, go to the mosque and pray in the mosque is a must, that is why… Read More


Top 10 Foods to Eat in Indonesia

Indonesia is famous because of the diversity in every aspect. And the one most famous Indonesian diversity is the Indonesian culinary. Indonesia has many kind of culinary, since every region in Indonesia has its own culinary character. Here are the top 10 Indonesian food you should try. Rendang Rendang uses beef as the main ingredient… Read More

Top 10 Historical Building You Should Visit in Indonesia

There are a lot of the buildings in Indonesia which has a certain historical bearing that building. Those historical building is created by good architecture and full of historic. Below are the 10 historical building in Indonesia to visit. Maimun Palace Maimun Place is located in Medan, North Sumatra. It is located in Brigjen Katamso… Read More

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10 Natural Wonders You Must Visit in Indonesia

The Indonesian nature created the wonderful scenery naturally, and it is the attraction of Indonesia. Here are the top 10 natural wonders in Indonesia you should visit. Borobudur Borobudur is located in central java, and it was built in Syailendra dynasty, according to the relief written around in every temple wall. But none can predict… Read More

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Top 10 Churchs You Should See in Indonesia

Indonesia is well known for the harmony of the religions’ diversity, there are five big religions which are recognized by the Indonesian government, those are Islam, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, and Buddhist. With those religions’ diversity, Indonesian people live in harmony as unity. That is why there are many houses of worship for the five big… Read More

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Top 10 Museums You Should Visit in Indonesia

A museum is one of the important things to keep the heritage of the past civilization. As a good country, it is obligation to build a museum to keep ancient things so that prevent from destroy or keep in good condition. In this article, the will review about 10 museum in Indonesia. Inscription Park Museum… Read More


Top 10 Places to See Beautiful Sunset in Indonesia

Indonesia is rich with many beautiful panoramas, and those panoramas have romantic atmosphere that you can enjoy with your love. Since Indonesia is tropical country, it is rare to see the sun covered with clouds or other season problem, so there are many places in Indonesia that offer the beautiful sunset view. In this chance,… Read More


7 Unique Souvenirs You Should Bring to Your Country

When you are visiting to some famous or recreation to the interesting places or country, you must buy some souvenir for your friends, families, or relatives. It can be handcraft or other unique gift. The people you give the souvenir of course will be thankful, since it is hard to get and unique. Here are… Read More


Top 10 Traditional Performing Arts You Must See In Indonesia

Indonesia is a rich country, both in nature source and social culture aspect, Indonesia has many diversities from east to west, from north to the south. The one aspect we are going to discuss is about Indonesian traditional attractions. As we know, Indonesia is a rich country with diversities of many ethnics and many cultures…. Read More