Pia Legong - Food Souvenir from Bali

10 Unique Souvenirs You Could Bring to Your Country from Bali

Bali is something that might cross your mind when you hear about Indonesia. This name is more popular than Indonesia. And you know what, that some people knows Bali but doesn’t know Indonesia. Bali is part of Indonesia, to be exact, it is a province in Indonesia. It has become the most favorite travel destination… Read More

ujung kulon

Top 10 National Parks You Should Visit

In order to protect the local unique ecosystem and habitat, many countries in this world have its own National Park. There are many national parks in this world that also become the tourist attractions. National park also a sanctuary in purpose to protect the ecosystem and the habitat of the local flora and fauna by… Read More

Top 10 Places To Buy Batik

Batik is the unique traditional fabric in Indonesia, since long time ago; many tribes in Indonesia have worn batik as their cloth, especially in the Central java, where the batik is so popular and firstly made. Batik came from the Royal Palace in Javanese Kingdoms, especially in Central Java, it was worn by royal families,… Read More

Top 10 Places to Have Hot Water Swim

Hot water swim is one of the treatments to cure the stress and refresh your mind. There are a lot of hot water swim in Indonesia which can be your alternative to visit. In this article, the writer will review about 10 hot water swim in Indonesia. Cisolok hot water swim in Pelabuhan Ratu Cisolok… Read More

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Top 10 Unique Foods For Souvenirs You Should Buy

Besides of rich culture diversity and the other uniqueness in every region in Indonesia, there are unique foods also in every country of Indonesia. In every region of Indonesia, you can find the unique food originally from its city that you can buy as souvenir to your family, friends or relatives. This time this article… Read More

National Monument (Monas)

Top 10 City Landmark You Should See In Indonesia

Landmark is important for some place or city. It is used to be the symbol of the city itself, so the other foreign people will notice where the city is just from the landmark of the city itself. That is why, many local government create the historical building or the other unique landmark as their… Read More