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Close with the Nature in Goa Lawa

All people want to visit to new place when they have free day. They can come to some attractive places near their home. For you who live in Central Java, you can come to Gua Lawa (Lawa Cave). This cave is located in Sirawak, Karangreja, Purbalingga. You need to continue your journey more or less 27 km from Purbalingga city.

Gua Lawa (Lawa Cave)

Goa Lawa (Lawa Cave)

This cave area is 11 hectares and you can see the beautiful view of Slamet Mountain from this cave. What will you get when you visit this cave? You can enjoy taking a bath with warm water from the mountain in place that is called as Guci. When you enter the cave, you will see the beautiful natural relief inside the cave. There are more than 14 small caves near this cave such as Sendang Slamet cave, Sendang Drajat cave, Dada Lawa cave and some other caves.  You will find this cave in easy way because there are some public transportation types that you can use.

Lawa Cave Architecture

Lawa Cave Architecture

To reach the cave you need to walk at least 3 km. You better come to this cave when it is dry season. It will be dangerous for you to come when it is rainy season. When you want to visit Lawa cave, you must pay entrance fee. The entrance fee is Rp 4000 each person. You better come to Lawa cave with your friends or family. You can stay for some nights in some hotels near the tourism objects. This cave is opened in the morning to afternoon.