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Don’t Leave Bandung without Visiting Saung Udjo and Enjoying the Fun of Playing Angklung

Saung Udjo is one stop cultural workshop where it becomes a performance venue, bamboo handicraft center, bamboo instrument workshop, and Angklung educational laboratory and training center. Angklung is a Sundanese musical instrument that needs to be preserved and Saung Udjo is the place where everything about Angklung is preserved. If you visit Saung Udjo, you do not only have opportunities to enjoy art performance but also have opportunities to take part in their workshop.

Saung Udjo

To visit Saung Udjo, you have to go to Jalan Padasuka 118, Bandung. You can get there by various public transportations. If you go there by car, you should take road to Cipularang, go through the flyover and follow a road sign to Cicaheum. A hundred meter before Cicaheum bus station, you should follow a road sign to Jalan Padasuka. If you want to go by other means of transportation, you can ask your travel agent or call Saung Udjo for detailed information. In order to be able to watch an art performance that is held every day, you should be there before 15:30 because their performance starts from 15:30 to 17:30. You are required to pay 50,000 IDR if you want to watch the performance.

Saung Udjo Performance

Before a performance ends, visitors usually will be asked to dance together with the kids of perform. Visitors will also be given an Angklung as a souvenir and be taught how to play Angklung. This opportunity certainly will give unmatched experiences. If you are interested in Sundanese souvenirs, Saung Udjo becomes a perfect place to buy. Their souvenir shop is the place for wedding gift, miscellaneous, and stationary from Sunda, West Java.

Saung Udjo Souvenir