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Enjoy the Beauty of Prambanan

Other great temple that could be found on Indonesia is Prambanan Temple. Just like Borobudur, Prambanan temple is also very popular among tourists from outside Indonesia. The architecture is very amazing and there are also several cultural performances that could be found on this site.

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple

Location: Prambanan Temple is located on Central Java, not far from Yogyakarta area. You also could access this site from Solo, other city in Central Java. The site itself located not too far from the main road that connected these cities so it’s very easy for you if you want to access the site.

Opening Day/Hour: The site opens daily from 06.00 AM to 18.00 PM. However, you might need to arrive at the site before 17.00 PM since the ticket box is closed at 17.15 PM.

Entrance Fee: If you want to enter the site, you need to pay entrance fee. If you’re Indonesian, you need to pay less than $4 while if you’re non-Indonesian you need to pay US$18. If you’re non-Indonesian and you’re registered student, the price that you need to pay is US$9.

Street Direction to Location: The site could be accessed both from Yogyakarta area and Solo. You just need to follow the Yogya-Solo main street and you would find the site not far from the street. You could use personal or chartered car to visit the site. Some people even use motorcycle to get to the site.

Do n Don’ts: You could take pictures on the site and explore the monuments freely. However, make sure not to bring any damage to the monuments. Put graffiti on the monuments is extremely prohibited. You also could visit open air theatre where you could watch Javanese dance performances. You also could buy foods and drinks on the area but make sure to throw the garbage on the available trash cans.