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Ambon, an Amazing Beach City at the Horseshoes Island

Ambon is the main city in the Ambon Island. Ambon is also the capital city of the Maluku (Moluccas) province of Indonesia. Ambon was an attraction since centuries ago. It was the center city of Portugal and VOC powers. Portugal was colonized Ambon in 1500s, once under the British rule, before the Dutch control the area in 1600s. But the area completely belongs to Indonesia since the Indonesia’s Independence in 1945. During the Dutch period Ambon Island is famous throughout the world as the spice producer.  The Maluku Islands firstly gathered in a single province since the Indonesian Independence. But in 1999 the single province was split into two provinces named Maluku province and North Maluku province. Ambon the capital of Maluku province is the largest city among other cities in entire Maluku Islands. Alifuru is the native tribe of Maluku Islands and Ambon. The migrating other tribes such as Javanese, Sumatran and Butons added the diversity of ethnics in Ambon. Ambon is also still popular for the Arabs, Europeans and Chinese arrivals centuries ago.

The Pintu Kota Beach

Pintu Kota Beach, Ambon, Indonesia

Ambon is built on a beautiful place. Ambon is on a hillside with the beautiful bay view to the south. This city is also popular as the “Ambon Manise” which is mean Ambon is a beautiful place. The natural features of Ambon give the city many natural attractions and potency for the tourism development. Exploring the mountains through the lush tropical vegetation will challenge your adventurous soul. Its underwater world is home for the millions of richness. The beach or sea attractions dominated the tourism attraction in Ambon city. It is reasonable because numerous of bays are surrounding the city. The bays such as Banda, Ambon, Dalam and Baguala bay are offered all the beauty and richness of the Ambon water. You also will be attracted to the beauty of the Santai Beach and Pintu Kota Beach.

The Siwa Lima Museum

Siwa Lima Museum, Ambon, Indonesia

Explore the city of Ambon with its historical sites will be an interesting activity. The old forts from the Dutch East Indies Company era and Portuguese are among of the historical destinations.  You will curious to see the New Victoria fortress. The ANZAC War Cemetery is a site to commemorate the allied soldiers who died during the World War I. You can also find the local arts and crafts collection at the Siwa Lima Museum.

The Fort Amsterdam

Fort Amsterdam, Ambon, Indonesia

Ambon can be reached directly from Jakarta, Ujung Pandang and Surabaya by plane. Pattimura Airport is about 38 km from the city of Ambon. And since the area is archipelago, the sea transport is popular in the area.