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Find The Famous Wild life in Special Region of Papua, Jayapura

Jayapura is a part of Indonesian territory in Papua, and Jayapura is well known as the pure wild and natural nature, since in Papua, there are so many tribes that still depend on the nature. And the nature in Jayapura is kept well, because the woods or forests there are unreachable by transportation, so the nature is still virgin in there. Before we jump into the main topic, this article will explain about the history of Jayapura, before Jayapura was named, and before the Independence of Indonesia, Jayapura along with Papua was the territory of Dutch colony. It was named Nederlands New Guinea or Dutch New Guinea. Along with East New Guinea, they are one territory under Dutch colony. After the independent of Indonesia, West New Guinea or West Papua with the capital city is Jayapura became the part of Indonesia territory, and then in the end of Indonesian new order, it was changed again to Special Region of Papua with Jayapura as the capital city.
The Base G beach

Base G beach, Papua

Indonesia is well known as the plural country of cultures and tribes. Since there are so many tribes and cultures in Indonesia, one of the cultures is had by Papua tribe in Jayapura. There are many tribes in there and they have their own cultures. One of the famous cultures is Asmat tribe. Asmat has their own culture that is their craft. And Asmat has the sadist tradition in there, like if the part of their tribe was killed, they will hunt the killer and chop his head and body into parts, and share it together with the tribe’s family to be eaten together. But this tradition has been a tradition history in Asmat tribe, because of the modernization and the Jayapura’s government intervention.

The Amay Beach

Amay Beach

Jayapura has so many wonderful tourism spot. Because of the natural geography in Papua, there are so many great views with the natural landscape there. Jayapura is known by its wild nature, there are many forests that are still virgin, and the tourism spot that is famous there besides forests is beaches. There are Base G beach, Amay beach, Tablanusu beach and so on.

The Lake Sentani Festival, Jayapura, Papua

Lake Sentani Festival, Jayapura, Papua

The distance between the Sentani airport and the city of Jayapura is about 32Km. It is quite long distance, because the landscape of the Papua is almost mountains and forests, but don’t worry, you will not be bored, and you will be amazed by the view of the Jayapura from your window.