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Gili Air – Another Beautiful Quiet Beach in Lombok

Looking for a place that has the special atmosphere and friendly with budget? Gili Air is that one place to e visited. This island is a part of Three Gilis and is the closest to Lombok. However, the development of the island is actually the least improved compare the other two Gilis. However, there are actually a lot of peole who feel more comfortable and excited about the grass roof they see in the bungalows of Gili Air. The facilities those are needed for tourism are developed little by little and now visitors may stay longer in the more comfortable condition. This island is quiet and perfect for the people who want peace of mind.

gili air island

gili air island

Location: Northwest of Lombok, the east island of three Gilis

Opening Day/Hour: Every day, boats available from 9:30 AM to 4 PM

Entrance Fee: The entrance for the island is free of charge but several activities within the island will be charged.

Street Direction to Location: reach this island by rising boats from Bangsal pier. Boats are available at 9:30 AM with Rp.8,000 transport fee and 4 PM with Rp.25,000 transport fee. Visitors may also choose full hire of boats that will cost Rp.200,000 to make their trip to Gili Air faster. The price of boat hire is fixed price.

Do n Don’ts: Swimming and snorkeling around the island is safe but don’ ever go diving without guidance. Go to dive center to get directions and boats those will take divers to the worthy diving points.