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Jepara, the World’s Most Famous Woodcarving Town

Jepara is the city located in the Nortmost of the Java Island; it is located in Central Java, Indonesia. It is a city which has the strategic location since it is near with Semarang, the capital city of Central Java and near with the main Central Java harbor. It is known for the Javanese teak wood carving art where majority of its furniture products are exported to many countries in the world. Jepara is also the birthplace of Kartini, a pioneer of Indonesian women’s rights.

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Historically Jepara was a famous city since long time ago. Jepara was famous because of the strategic location for trading, especially because of the location is near with the sea, Jepara became the main harbor in Central Java at that time. The harbor in Jepara was passed by many trading ships from overseas; they did trade in Jepara and then deliver the goods to the other regions in Central Java. Besides the trading in Jepara’s Harbor, it was also famous by the nautical wealth, since the past time, the people of Jepara was the fishermen, and Jepara’s harbor as the central nautical trade place, until the coming of Dutch colony, Dutch government strengthen the Jepara’s harbor as the main maritime transportation in Java along with Semarang.

Pantai Kartini

Kartini Beach in Jepara

Traditional culture in Jepara is many, since it is located in central java, the traditional culture of Javanese id very easy to find and feel in here. For example the language, Jepara uses the Javanese language just like the common other regions in the Central Java, and other Javanese manner also can be found easily in Jepara, and the other traditional attraction culture in Jepara is Khirdajati dance, it is a traditional dance which is only performed in the certain ceremony, for example like in the cultural carnival or in the marriage party.

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The most interesting place to be visited in Jepara is Karimun Jawa. Karimun Jawa is an island in the northern Jepara which has the nautical wealth and famous as the holiday spot to fishing. This place is famous for the holiday and fishing. The transportation there is many; there are cabs, buses, and other public transportation. The distance from the airport in Semarang is about 100 Km, and if you want to go to the Karimun Jawa island, you have to go by boat which is available in there; this place is a recommended place.