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Karapan Sapi – The Traditional Festival of Cow Racing

The traditional festival of cow racing in Indonesia, or known as Karapan Sapi this attraction can also called as the cow race and usually performed on the area of Madura as a traditional culture of this place. So, this cow racing traditional festival is a kind of ancient tradition which still held on some specific areas at Madura. The cows are always having the opportunity to participate into this racing, and soon the race will begin.

Karapan Sapi Madura (Race Cow)

Karapan Sapi Madura (Cow Racing)

About the Cow Racing

All visitors from other countries and Indonesian people can always see this traditional racing which full of the adrenalin rush and it will always begin around August to October. This is also the most interesting event in Madura, and there are many people who can’t just wait to see this event. The winner will surely get a pile of money, and that’s why this is the most wanted even for Madurese. People who want to see the race should have to come in Madura and enjoy this race for sure. The race will begin until 14 seconds up to 18 seconds and the track will be on 200 meters long.

Cow Racing Event

Cow Racing Event

More Info on the Cow Racing

The winner will surely get the prize around 80 million rupiahs, and usually the entrance ticket is so cheap because you only have to pay around 5.000 rupiahs if you want to see this race. The team race consists of two cows and one jockey, and this is the most interesting event which always enjoyable to be watched.