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Kebumen, a Unique City in the South of the Central Java

Kebumen is the city in the Central Java. Kebumen is located in the southern of the Central Java Island. Kebumen is a unique city, while in the southern Kebumen is a low land region, and the nothern region is a high land region which is the highlands of Serayu Mountain. In Kebumen also located many limestone plateau, and while in the higlands there are many natural caves with stalactites and stalagmites. Kebumen is also passed by the main road in the south Java, it makes Kebumen passed by many transportations.


Kebumen City

From the history aspect, Kebumen was a territory under Mataram kingdom in the 16th century. Kebumen is ruled by the resident from the Mataram kingdom, until Mataram kingdom was split became two regions, those regions are Yogyakarta Kingdom and Surakarta Kingdom. After the split of Mataram kingdom by the Giyanti agreement in the 1755, Kebumen was ruled under the Yogyakarta kingdom, because Kebumen held the main role when prince Mangkubumi fought against the Dutch colony and won by the prince Mangkubumi Kebumen was set under his new kingdom territory because of the important role of the residents in the Kebumen.


‘Alun-alun’ in Kebumen

Because of Kebumen was the territory under the Yogyakarta kingdom in the past, so the culture in Kebumen is the same with the Yogyakarta style, and it is not the same as Surakarta traditional Javanese style. Because in Java, there are two styles of traditional Javanese culture, the traditional Javanese culture style comes from Yogyakarta and the traditional Javanese culture style comes from Surakarta, and Kebumen was Yogyakarta traditional Javanese style. Up until now, Kebumen traditional Javanese culture is still influenced by Yogyakarta style, it can be seen in the daily manner, culture, dances and many more.

Since there are many caves in Kebumen, there are many interesting caves to be visited in Kebumen, and as the one of the most famous caves in Kebumen, Jatijajar cave has been visited by many visitors. Jatijajar cave has many caves in its complex, it has water spring inside it, it is fresh and clear water. Besides caves, Kebumen also has many beaches like Ayah Beach, Pasir Beach, Pertanahan Beach, and many more beaches that have huge waves on it. The transportation in Kebumen is not difficult, and the distance from the airport is not too far, since Kebumen is near with Yogyakarta, it is about 100 Km from the Adi Sucipto airport.