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Kecak Legong Dance : The Famous Traditional Balinese Dance

If you are a kind of tourist who really enjoys the traditional performance in Bali, you may need to watch the most terrific performance called as Kecak Legong dance. This is the dance which you may always enjoy while you take a tour. So, you always have to come at Bali and enjoy this dance always.

Kecak Legong

About Kecak Legong Dance

This is such a traditional Balinese dance which purely adopted from Indian mythology and usually came from the Ramayana which written in Sanskrit as a traditional Indian epic. This dance usually tells about the life of King Rama and his lovely wife called as Dewi Sinta, who was become a prisoner of Rahwana. So, King Rama is working together with the monkey troops in order to save the life of his wife. All the dancers are presented by men as the monkey army. You can always see this performance at Sanur Beach and takes place usually at night around 7 PM.

Kecak Legong - Dance

More on Kecak Legong Dance

You may come to Bali and just don’t forget to watch this great Kecak Legong dance performance, with the entrance fee ticket for about US$ 39. So, you have to come and visit this beautiful Sanur beach when you want to enjoy this dance.  Usually, this dance is performed dominantly by men and they do the chanting choir who are voicing the noise of ‘chak-a chak’ and sometimes some of them are coming into the trance phase. That’s why there are many tourists from different countries who really want to enjoy this traditional dance.