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Kediri, a City that transform from Famous Hindu Javanese Kingdom into Best Investment City

Kediri is a city that is located in the East Java. This city is located in the administration territory of the province of East Java, Indonesia. Kediri city is a city which has two mountains in the city. Those mountains are Mlotok Mountain and Maskumambang Mountain. Kediri is the third biggest city in Indonesia and nominated as the most recommended city in Indonesia for business investment in the year 2010. In this city also built the biggest cigarette plant in Indonesia and the famous cigarette in Indonesia is produced in Kediri.



Historically, Kediri was a territory of Mataram kingdom in Central Java in the 16th century. Until the coming of Dutch colony in Indonesia, Kediri was still under ruled by the Mataram kingdom and as the Mataram kingdom territory together with Dutch colony. Kediri also contributed many services in the Independence era of Indonesia in the late year 1945, because in Kediri there were many revolution militaries of Indonesian insurgents who fought together in Kediri in order to give freedom of Indonesian People and the Independence of Indonesia.


Simpang Lima Gumul Monument

Kediri is located in Java land, and the traditional culture of Kediri city is Javanese culture. There are many traditional cultures in Kediri, from dances to the batik. Batik in Kediri is also popular and famous, in Kediri there is a Batik carnival, which is participated by many performer and designer to show their best Batik design to the public. This is the interesting attraction that you don’t miss once you are in Kediri, because this is the main event in Kediri which is viewed and participated by many models, designers, and viewed by thousand audiences in Kediri. The other tourist attraction in Kediri is temples, there are many Buddhist and Hindu temples in Kediri, such as like Tegowangi temple and Surowono temple that is interesting to be visited in Kediri.


Kediri City from air

The transportation in Kediri is road transportation, which means there are only available transportation like public bus, cabs, and other public transportations like train which serves many destinations to the every city in Java. There is no airport in Kediri, since Kediri is a small city in East Java. The airport is only available in Surabaya, the capital city of the Province of East Java. The distance from the airport to Kediri city is more than 150 Km and it can be reached by using train or public bus from Surabaya.