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Kendari, the Beauty of an Archipelago in the East Indonesia

Kendari geographically is located in the south of the equal line, South East Sulawesi. It is an archipelago region, because Indonesia is a maritime country, so does with its regions. South East Sulawesi and the Capital City, Kendari is one of them. From the historical story, Kendari is a big city that is located in South East Sulawesi, and then by the order of the Indonesian Government, Kendari is set tobe the capital city of province. Long way before the independence of Indonesia, just like the other regions in the Dutch-Indie territory, Kendari is also under the governance of Dutch colony, until the independence of Indonesia in the 1945, kendari and the other region in Sulawesi became the part of the Republic of Indonesia. And in the 1964 Kendari was set to lead the Province to be the independent region, or an autonomic region, which has the autonomy for itself. And still in the year of 1964, there were four regions/prefectures in South East Sulawesi, but now, there is a expansion from the Indonesian government to the regions in Indonesia, South East Sulawesi now has ten prefectures/region and two cities and Kendari as the Capital.
The Kendari City

Kendari City

There are many interesting places to be visited in Kendari. There are many interesting places to be visited. Because of Sulawesi island is an archipelago, in the Kendari tourism spot is also about beaches, there are Kendari beach, Nambo beach, Mayaria beach and manymore, and if we are talking about the local culture, that is also interested to be discovered. The one culture in the South East Sulawesi is Buton ethnic. Buton ethic has its own culture, which is sailing. Butons ancestors are sailors, and the other interesting in the Buton ethnic is its architecture. The unique architecture built without a nail. That is the most interesting point from the Kendari’s culture.

The Kendari Old Harbour

Kendari Old Harbour

The accommodation to get there is only by plane, and Kendari has its international airport, that is the Haluoleo airport. The name was taken for the honor of the sixth King in Buton, Kendari that is Haluoleo. It is located in the capital city of South East Sulawesi, Kendari. The location is not too far from the central of the Kendari, and there are many choices of transportation there. If you are choosing by land transportation, there are many cabs, or you can call your tourist agency for the transportation, and also you can rent boat once you are in the beach.

The Mayaria Beach

Mayaria Beach