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Kotagede Yogyakarta as The Center of Silver Jewelries and Crafts in Town

Silver is one of the most interesting metals to be formed into various products. In Kotagede, visitors will be able to see and buy the various products of silver those will not only limited to jewelries but also the other things such as the wall decorations, tableware and a lot other products. Every visitor will be able to choose the silver products of the various shops with products made by the skilled silversmiths. Every shop will offer the different products with different designs in every type of product. Although so, there can be seen several similarities of style.

Kota Gede Yogyakarta

Kota Gede Yogyakarta

Location: Kotagede, Yogyakarta

Opening Day/Hour: Every day with different operational hours in every shop. Usually shops open from 9 or 10 AM to 3 or 4 PM. Some larger shops open until late 9 PM.

Entrance Fee: Free of charge

Street Direction to Location: Buses are convenient transport to Kotagede. There are two types of bus can be chosen, one with air conditioner and one with no air conditioner. Visitors may also choose to go with taxis or hire andong (horse cart) or becaks. Hiring a car can also be a good choice.

Do and Don’ts: Some shops are allowing visitors to see some parts of the crafting process and it will be interesting to be seen. While shopping, bargaining is not recommended because most shops have fixed prices. Try to walk from one shop to other shop and explore Kotagede a little bit. Kotagede is an old complex with the old buildings still standing. See the unique arrangement of the old houses of the locals.