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Kudus, the Central Region of Cigarette Maker & The Best Religious Destination Place

Kudus is a region in the Province of the Central Java, Indonesia. The city of this region prefecture is Kudus. Kudus is located in the strategic place, this city is located in the main road of the northern coast of Java. It makes this city location is strategic and besides this city is located between two big cities, they are Semarang, the capital city of the Central Java Province and Surabaya, the capital city of East Java Province. Kudus is also famous by the cigarette maker in Central Java, because there are many house productions of cigarette makers or cigarette plants in there.


Kretek Kudus Museum

Kudus in the past was famous as the central region of Islam spreader, because there was a famous place to study Islam religion at that time. Kudus was the central of Islam religion in the past because Kudus was visited by many traders from the Middle East, like Arab, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and many more. That is why Kudus is famous by the Islamic religion up to now. While the Middle East traders were trading in Kudus and other northern coast regions in northern Java, they also were spreading Islam religion, until the religion entered the Demak Kingdom and spread by the Nine Guardians of Islam in Java land.

The traditional culture in Kudus is traditional Javanese culture. The Javanese tradition with the Islamic tradition is mixed together in Kudus. Besides the traditional culture, in Kudus also have traditional dances, for example like Kretek dance and Barongan Gembong Kamijoyo. A Kretek dance is a traditional dance from Kudus and performed only in the harvest season of tobacco harvest to make cigarette, as cigarette is the main attraction of Kudus. And Barongan Gembong Kamijoyo is a carnival in Kudus, which is followed by the man with huge tiger mask and other dancers. These attractions are interesting to be seen.


Sunan Kudus

The transportation in Kudus is many, since Kudus is located in the main road of northern Java, so Kudus is passed by many road transportations, there are many big stations for buses from every city in Java stop, and train station where many trains from Java land stop, also other public transportations like city transportation, cabs and many more. While the air transportation, the air port is located in Semarang, there is Ahmad Yani air port in Semarang, which is the distance is only 55 Km from Kudus city.