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Kupang, An Exotic Little City on The West Coast of Timor

Kupang is a city in the west part of Timor island of Indonesia. This is the biggest city in that island. It is the place where government, trade and education activities centered. Kupang was an important place for port and trading point the colonial eras of the Portuguese and Dutch. The reunis from the colonial eras now became the attractions of the Kupang city. Kupang also has significant numbers of tribes; Timor, Rote, Flores, Sabu and small of Javanese and Chinese. The city got its name from a king named Nai Kopan or Lai Kopan who ruled the city of Kupang before the colonizer arrivals. The name Lai Kopan later called by the Dutch as Koepan, and became Kupang in the daily conversation in the local area.
The Nostalgia Park

Nostalgia Park, Kupang, Indonesia

Beside known for the arts and culture richness, Kupang also widely famous fot its seawater and beaches. The annual ‘Sail Indonesia’ rally which starts in Darwin, Australia, take Kupang as the first port of call for yachts. The Lasiana Beach is famous in Kupang. This is a beautiful beach which about 2 km length. About 14 km from the city, this beach attracts the domestic and foreign tourists. The reefs in Semau Island and Kera Island are stunning for divers. There is also Japanese shipwreck left from the Australian War era in 1942. Dive the water of Kupang is both unique and impressive. If you need other destination options, Oenesu Waterfall and Nostalgia Park can be the choices.

The Oenesu Waterfall

Oenesu Waterfall

East Nusa Tenggara basically has mountainous structure. And this is one of factors that make the cities in the area are beautiful, included Kupang. The islands in this area are absolutely beautiful. Kupang is also known for its culinary tourism. For you who love or fans of sea food, Kupang is a perfect destination. You cannot resist the sea food such burned aromatic squid and prawns. You also do not want to miss the special food of Kupang, the Jagung Bose. Jagung means corn in Indonesian. Jagung Bose is a nutritious food made from corn as the main ingredient. The corn then mixed with vegetables and whole grains such as peanuts and green beans.

The El Tari Airport

El Tari Airport

Since East Nusa Tenggara consists of islands, the main transport is by plane ad by ship. There are frequent flights from Java and Bali. Kupang as the capital city has El Tari Airport as the air connection service. The airport is about 13 km from the center of the city.