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Kuta Beach Lombok – Amazing Beach Paradise

As soon as the word Kuta being mentioned, there will be a lot of people will think about Bali unless if that people asked are the surfers who know exactly that there is another Kuta in Lombok. This region has the stunning scenery to be viewed and the beaches are amongst the best in Indonesia. The region has been groomed for tourism and it has various accommodations and restaurants to be enjoyed by the backpackers as well as by the travelers who wish to get high class facilities. There are so many things to do in this place and the locals traditional lives are interesting thing to be seen as well.

Kuta Lombok

Kuta Lombok

Location: Lombok, Indonesia approximately 20 to 30 minutes from Lombok International Airport

Opening Day/Hour: Every day the region is open and every facility will have their own policies in opening and closing the service.

Entrance Fee: Free of charge but some facilities will require payments.

Street Direction to Location: Go with taxis from Lombok International Airport or from Lembar. Visitors amy also choose to go with bus from Lembar or Bali. Visistors may also hire cars from Mataram, Lembar, Senggigi, Senaru and Bangsal.

Do and Don’ts: Visit beautiful beaches here and relax by feeling the breeze. Surfing is something must be done. Sport fishing and diving will be nice to be done while being in Kuta Lombok. Visitors may also visit the pottery village with the very friendly locals and see the traditional life of the locals that will be interesting.