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Labuan Bajo, the Traditional Village & the Gate To The Komodo Island

Labuhan Bajo is one of village in Manggarai prefecture in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Ethnically, this village is dominated by the Sumbawa ethnic whom most of them work as the farmer, and the main source of this village is coffee, hazelnut, cacao, and coconut. Many villagers depend their live to be the farmer in their village as the coffee farmer, coconut farmer, or hazelnut farmer. Besides that nature wealth that had by Labuan Bajo, Labuan Bajo also has many other interesting attractions to be visited in Labuan Bajo. In this chance, this article will guide you to find the interesting point of Labuan Bajo city.

Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo

From the historical story, Labuan Bajo is the territory of Portuguese in the 14th to 15th century. Because in the past, the islands firstly come by the Portuguese was the East Nusa Tenggara that included Labuan Bajo. Suddenly Labuan Bajo was the main transaction region from the Portuguese since there was a harbor and East Nusa Tenggara was the first island that Portuguese came, and Labuan Bajo had many nature wealth such as coconut and coffee that was famous  because of the quality. Until the coming of the Dutch colony the natural wealth of Labuan Bajo was the main attraction to be brought home.

labuan bajo

Labuan Bajo City

From the tourism and culture aspect, Labuan Bajo has many interesting points, from the cultural aspect; Labuan Bajo has Sumbawa ethnic which has the traditional culture as its legacy by the ancestors, such as like Bala Rea house. Bala Rea house is the local house that has unique architecture to be discovered, it is the palace from the past, and forward to the north there is the ancestors grave, in the west of the Bala Rea palace there is a Kingdom’s mosque named Nurul Huda Mosque, this place is interesting to be visited once you get there.


The other attraction is of course Komodo. Komodo is a unique animal that is only can be seen in East Nusa Tenggara, includes Labuan Bajo. Komodo attraction in this island is the most famous spot in Labuan Bajo. The transportation in Labuan Bajo is varied; there are road transportation, water transportation and air transportation. Commonly it is dominated by the road transportation that has public and private transportation, besides road transportation there are water and airport for the air transportation in Labuan Bajo, that is Komodo Airport which is located in the Labuan Bajo, only 4 Km from the city.