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Lhokseumawe, the Second Largest Important City in the North of Sumatera

Lhokseumawe is located in the Province of Aceh Special District, Sumatera Island. Lhokseumawe is the second largest city in Aceh. Historically, the name of Lhokseumawe came from Aceh language, it consists of two words, Lhok and Seumawe, which means ocean and swirling water, because there is a water source. Lhokseumawe once was the central of Samudera Pasai Kingdom in the 13th century, and then Lhokseumawe became as the Aceh kingdom in the 1524. Long yer before thi Independence of Indonesia Republic, Lhokseumawe was ruled by the Dutch colony, all of the region in Aceh, indluded Lhokseumawe was ruled under Dutch governance, until the independence of Indonesia, Lhokseumawe was set as  the capital city of Special District of Aceh, because of its contribution in the independance period of Indonesia.


Monument Lhokseumawe

As the country of diversity in the culture, every region in Indonesisa has its culture, so does Lhokseumawe. Lhokseumawe has many cultures like Rateb Meuseukat Dance. Rateb Meuseukat Dance is one of the Lhoksumawe dances, it is an unique dance, because this dance is accompanied with musicand  this is sit and stand dance by the all female dancers. this is a beautiful dance, and this dance is one of the most famous dances in Indonesia.


Islamic Center Lhokseumawe

Besides the cultures, Lhoksumawe also has many other interesting places to be visited, there are Ujong Blang beach in the Lhoseumawe city. Lhokseumawe has many beaches, and Ujong Blong is one of the most famous beaches in Lhokseumawe. The interesting attraction in this beach is the sunset view at dawn that will amaze many visitors once they are there. The other interesting attraction to be discovered is the fishermen daily routine there. You can see and observe the activity of fishermen there from the sailling start to the selling fishes they caught, those are interesting observation for some tourists.


Lhokseumawe City

In Lhokseumawe city, there is one airport, that is Malikus Saleh Airport, located in the central city of Leukseumawe, so the distance is not too far from the downtown. This airport makes the transportation in Lhokseumawe to the other regions easier. Besides the air transportation in Lhokseumawe also has the road transportation, you can choos by cab or by other public transportations, such as like train, public bus, or traditional transportation like carriage by horse. Lhokseumawe is the interesting city to be visited and discovered, it is a large city with peaceful situation and very quite tourism destinations.