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Manggar, the City of Thousands Coffee Shops

Manggar is a region in the East Belitung, Indonesia. This city is located in the Bangka Belitung islands, the archipelago island. Since the location is in the Bangka Belitung Island, which is famous by the tin and other natural wealth mining, in the Bangka Belitung Island also has the other potential attraction besides mining, that is the coffee attraction in Manggar city. Before we discuss further about the main attraction destination in Manggar city, we will discuss about the history and the Manggar city background firstly.



Manggar city in the past was ruled by the Dutch colony, it was the territory of Dutch, so the city was set just like in the Europe. One of the regulations in Manggar city that can be seen until now is the streets in Manggar city. The street in Manggar city was set to be like the streets in the Europe, so the streets in the Manggar city are large and spacious. Besides the city regulation on the streets of Manggar city, Dutch was also set the residence of the Dutch governance in Manggar, and up until now, the resident architecture in Manggar, especially now is used by the local government offices are European style architecture building. Besides governance offices in Manggar city, the old regular houses in Manggar city also have the European style architecture building.

Basically the culture in the Manggar city is the same as the other cities and regions in Bangka Belitung islands. The unique architecture besides the European style in Manggar city is the Melayu ethnic house. This is the original architecture in Manggar and common Bangka Belitung. This style of architecture is known as the late Melayu Architecture, it is a house with the high ceiling and a large garden with many trees. Besides the local culture attraction, once you are in Manggar you must visit the local coffee shops. Manggar is famous because of its coffee; there are many coffee shops in there with the great quality of coffee. Manggar is the famous city in Indonesia and international for its coffee, it is highly recommended once you are in there. There is no airport in Manggar city, the only transportation to get there is by bus from the nearest airport, that is H. A. S. Hanandjoeddin airport in Bangka Belitung islands, and you can go by travel bus or by public bus that is available in the airport.