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Maumere, Exotic Tourism Place in East Nusa Tenggara

Maumere is a region in East Nusa Tenggara, and it is the capital city of Sikka region. This city has population about 50.000 in 2005. In the year 1992 this city has been destroyed by the tsunami accident that made 900 people died. In the late 80, or it was 1989 exactly, Paus Johannes Paulus II had ever visited Maumere city, this made Maumere city as the smallest city in the world that had been visited by Paus Paulus II. Besides, Maumere city also has the biggest air port in Flores Island. Maumere city is also as the biggest exporter of coconuts, bananas, and cacaos in Indonesia.


Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Just like the other region in Indonesia, Maumere city was also ruled by the Dutch colony in the past. It was because Maumere city had the nature wealth potential such as coconut, banana, and other nature wealth that was loaded and exported to the oversea by the Dutch colony, or that nature wealth was sent to the Dutch country in Europe along with the other Indonesian Nature wealth. By those accidents, those meant Maumere city had been famous by the nature wealth especially coconut and banana since the colonialism era.

waiara beach

Waiara Beach in Maumere

The nature view and geographical scenery in Maumere city is amazing, even the ministry of Economy and Tourism of Indonesia is amazed by the Maumere city natural beauty, and she wants to pay a visit again to Maumere to enjoy the amazement of natural beauty of Maumere. The other interesting spot in Maumere is Jong Dobo, it is a traditional boat from the Sikka ethnic in Maumere. Besides the traditional boat, there is a unique local ethnic’s architecture that is Lkepogete Sikka house, which was the central of the Sikka Kingdom in the 16th century.


The Christ Statue King of Maumere

Besides those interesting places in Maumere, there are many more interesting places to visit in Maumere, such as like Bikon Blewut Museum, which is the biggest museum in East Nusa Tenggara; this is a unique museum which provides the historic collection from the past, from the Stone Age to the local kingdom age. In Maumere city, there are many kinds of transportation, from road, water to the air transportation. The road transportation is the main transportation in Maumere, and second is water transportation, since Maumere is an archipelago island, and if the air transportation, there is an airport in Maumere, that is Wai Oti Airport which is located in Maumere, the distance to the city is about 5 Km.