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Medan, the Beauty in the North of Sumatera Island of Indonesia

Medan is one of the big cities in Indonesia, as we know, Indonesia is a plural country, and Indonesia has so many provinces with so many cultures and so many tribes. Before the independence of Indonesia, Medan is a part of the Dutch’s colonial; and Medan along with North Sumatra was named Residentie Sumatra’s Oostkust, which means Medan as the central of North Sumatera, was the territory of Dutch’s Colony along with Riau Province. But after the end of the World War II, and the lost of Japan and the transfer of power from Japan and back again to Dutch, then the independence of Indonesia in 17th August 1945, Medan became the part of Indonesia territory, and since then it is named with Province of North Sumatera and Medan as the Capital City.
The Samosir Island on Lake Toba

Samosir Island on Lake Toba

Just like the other province in Indonesia, there are many cultures and tribes in Indonesia, so there are so many cultures in every region in Indonesia. The kinds of cultures are so many, for example, which we are going to discuss, Province of North Sumatera, represented by Medan, has many cultures, from music, architecture, dance, craft, and food. In the music art and culture aspect. Medan has historical buildings with unique character of architecture, like Maimun Palace, Trirtanadi Water Tower, Tjong A Fie Mansion, etc. If you are looking for hotel, there are many hotels in Medan that has the international standard, like Grand Angkasa International Hotel, Danau Toba International Hotel, JW marriot, and many more. Once you get there, you must pay a visit to the most popular tourist destination in Medan that is Toba Lake. Toba Lake is the most popular lake in Medan; the landscape is very amazing and natural, just like the typical of tropic island, Toba Lake also surrounded by green trees, which are green in every season.

The Great Mosque of Medan

Great Mosque of Medan

The international airport in North Sumatera is Polonia Airport. The distance of the airport to the downtown is just about 2Km, which means it is so close with the city of North Sumatera, Medan. And if once you get there, don’t worry about the transportation, you can choose from traditional transportation to the modern transportation, like taxi, bus from the tour agent or you can try by using the North Sumatera public transportation. Because of the distance is very near with the city, it only spends less than a half hour to get to the downtown.

The Istana Maimun Medan

Istana Maimun Medan