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Meulaboh, Home to Many Hidden Beautiful Beaches

Meulaboh is the district capital city of the West Aceh, Indonesia. This city is located in 175 km southeast from the Capital City of Special District of Aceh, Banda Aceh city, in Sumatera Island. Meulaboh is the largest city in the west coast of Aceh district, and Meulaboh was also the worst hit by the tsunami disaster in 2004. Meulaboh was the first city hit by the tsunami disaster, by that accident many people died in Meulaboh that caused many places destroyed included the Meulaboh’s tourism destination, that has been attracted many tourists to come.

kota meulaboh

Meulaboh City

Meulaboh was been hit by tsunami many centuries ago when Aceh ruled under the local Kingdom in 1588, and the newest tsunami disaster happened in the 2004 ago. Meulaboh in the past was also known as the pepper city, because there are many pepper plantation in Meulaboh. Meulaboh in the past was ruled by local kingdom, there was local king ruled the Meulaboh territory and created certain culture, the culture is still exist until now, and you can see when you are in Meulaboh city. After the Independence of Indonesia, Meaulaboh kingdoms along with many kingdoms in Sumatera decided to join in Indonesia territory.


Ujung Karang Beach, Meulaboh, Indonesia

Meulaboh basically has the same culture with the other region in Aceh, since it is still the same territory of Aceh and the same ethnic lives on this region. There are many famous dances in Meulaboh and those dances are usually performed in the traditional ceremony such as like Saman dance, Retep Meusekat Dance, Rapa, and many more dances still exist in Meulaboh. This is an interesting experience to view the Meulaboh’s traditional dances.


The Great Mosque of Meulaboh

Meulaboh tourism destination was destroyed by tsunami disaster in 2004, along with other interesting and important places in Meulaboh. But the condition now is different, the tourism is rising again. In Meulaboh there are many beautiful beaches, like Suak Reube beach, it is a prefect beach to swim, since the wave is not to big and dangerous, and also it is the perfect place to see the sunset at dawn. Besides Suak Reube, you still can witness remain of the tsunami disaster in Meulaboh.

In Meulaboh there is no airport, the airport is only in Aceh or Medan, North Sumatra, so the distance of the air port to the Meulaboh is quite far, it is about 175 km from the Banda Aceh capital city.