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Ngaben – Bali Traditional Ceremony

Death is an event of human life and people from all around the world with different cultural background of course has the tradition about burial. People who are still alive should pay respect for the dead person by providing the burial ceremony which is suitable with their religion and tradition. Ceremony of death is kind of very interesting event which people can find in Bali and it is called ngaben. Ngaben is very special because the ceremony is held with festive and there are a lot of preparation which should be made because the body will be burnt with a lot of supporting items before the ashes is thrown to the ocean.

Ngaben Ceremony (Ubud Bali)

Ngaben Ceremony (Ubud Bali)

This ceremony cannot be predicted the date because it will be according to the death person and their ability to hold the ngaben ceremony because this ceremony is not cheap at all with all of complicated preparation which should be made. The ngaben ceremony can be found all across the island because people in Bali dominantly choose Hindu as their religion and ngaben is tradition which is based on Hindu. Anytime the ceremony is held, people are able to enjoy and watch the spectacular ceremony without having to pay anything.

Ngurah Rai Air Port

Ngurah Rai International Air Port

To watch this amazing ceremony of death, people should reach Bali first and Nurah Rai Airport in Bali is quite familiar with international flight although people can also take the land transportation support from Jakarta and across the sea to reach Gilimanuk harbor. This spectacular ceremony will show people about the familial relationship which is very strong among Balinese because ngaben ceremony cannot be done without many people’s support.