Pangkalan Bun

Pangkalan Bun, the Past Glory of the Great Harbor

Pangkalan Bun is a capital city of the Prefecture of Kotawaringin Barat, the Province of Central Kalimantan in Indonesia. Pangkalan Bun is a small city in Central Kalimantan with the amazing scenery. Pangkalan Bun is a nautical city, that is why in Pangkalan Bun there is a harbor that services many ships from all over… Read More

greweng cave

10 Amazing Caves Destination in Indonesia

As the tropical country, Indonesia is surrounded by many rain forests with beautiful geography and wonderful scenery. From the wild of active volcanoes to the beautiful beaches are available in Indonesia. There are many beautiful creation of nature in Indonesia; the one beautiful creation of nature we want to share is cave. There are many… Read More


10 Traditional Ceremonies You Should See in Indonesia

Indonesia consists of many ethnics and many islands. In every region in Indonesia has its own ethnic with its own traditional ceremony. Though it is the modern era, Indonesian people are still live in harmony with their ancestors’ tradition, and that is the unique of Indonesia, diversities that make them as one. Here are the… Read More

danau toba

Top 10 Beautiful Lakes You Should Visit in Indonesia

From the creation of the lake, lake is divided by two category, natural lake and artificial lake. And in Indonesia has more than 100 natural lake and artificial lake, as Indonesia has great nature that builds its scenery naturally. Here are the top 10 lakes in Indonesia you should visit. Toba Lake Toba Lake is… Read More


Pekanbaru, a Busy Trading Port on the Bank of Siak River

Pekanbaru in Riau is known as the prosperous region in Indonesia. Pekanbaru is located in the east of Indonesia along with Sumatera Island; Pekanbaru also has its archipelago. There are ten prefectures in Riau, and the capital of Province of Riau is Pekanbaru. In the historical aspect, Pekanbaru was named by Portuguese military in the… Read More


Manggar, the City of Thousands Coffee Shops

Manggar is a region in the East Belitung, Indonesia. This city is located in the Bangka Belitung islands, the archipelago island. Since the location is in the Bangka Belitung Island, which is famous by the tin and other natural wealth mining, in the Bangka Belitung Island also has the other potential attraction besides mining, that… Read More

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