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Top 10 Temples You Must Visit In Indonesia

Indonesia is a rich country with the legacy of the past people, the evidence of the Indonesian past civilization is proved by the temples that is many found in Indonesia. These temples have been built thousand years ago by the advanced civilization, as we can see in the temple architecture; there are murals and other… Read More


Sumenep, the City in the Eastern of Madura Island

Sumenep is a city in Madura Island; this city is located in the northern of the Madura Island. Sumenep is a prefecture in the Province of East Java, Indonesia.  Just like the other city and region in Madura Island, Sumenep is also famous by the salt producer, since in Madura island is rich with the… Read More

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10 Traditional Houses You Should See in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country which has the variety of the culture and language. One of the forms of the variety cultures is the abundance of traditional houses around Indonesia. These are ten of traditional houses in Indonesia you should see in Indonesia. The long houses from Dayak The long Dayak house is one of the… Read More


10 Amazing Waterfalls You Should See in Indonesia

One of the natural tourist destinations which has the stunning view and so refreshing is a waterfall. It is a natural creature by God which can be made by human being and its amount is limited around the world. There are many waterfall spots in Indonesia. These are ten waterfall which has has the beautiful… Read More

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Ambon, an Amazing Beach City at the Horseshoes Island

Ambon is the main city in the Ambon Island. Ambon is also the capital city of the Maluku (Moluccas) province of Indonesia. Ambon was an attraction since centuries ago. It was the center city of Portugal and VOC powers. Portugal was colonized Ambon in 1500s, once under the British rule, before the Dutch control the… Read More

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10 Must Visit Places in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is the second tourist destination after Bali. It has a loft of the tourism spots which is so attractive, so Yogyakarta is to be a recommended tourist spot to visit in Indonesia. These are 10 the attractive places to visit in Yogyakarta. Malioboro Malioboro is the heart of Yogyakarta. It is a hub of… Read More

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