kota meulaboh

Meulaboh, Home to Many Hidden Beautiful Beaches

Meulaboh is the district capital city of the West Aceh, Indonesia. This city is located in 175 km southeast from the Capital City of Special District of Aceh, Banda Aceh city, in Sumatera Island. Meulaboh is the largest city in the west coast of Aceh district, and Meulaboh was also the worst hit by the… Read More


Atambua, a Border City in the East Indonesia

Atambua is a small city that also has the predicate as the capital city of Belu region in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Mostly the citizen use the local language that is called Tetun language while other is using kemak language. In Atambua, the citizen is mostly Catholic religion, it is about 95% people there is… Read More

The Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque, Banjarmasin

Banjarmasin, a River City in South Kalimantan

Banjarmasin is located in South Kalimantan, it is one province of provinces in Indonesia and it is near with the equal line. Banjarmasin is the capital city of this province. Globally, the island is well known as the Borneo. It came from the colonial age Dutch-Indie, because before Indonesia independents, Indonesia was ruled by Dutch… Read More

The Borobudur Temple

Enjoying the European Climate in Magelang

Magelang is important city in Central Java. It is located in the middle of the Central Java, Indonesia. Magelang is a plateau city, which means Magelang has the fresh air in it and the scenery is wonderful. Historically, in the Dutch Colonial era, Magelang was an important city in Central Java, as Magelang is located… Read More

The Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Banda Aceh, the Mecca’s Veranda

Banda Aceh is one of the famous places in eastern of Indonesia. The area bears the special region status.  Formally, Aceh was called The Special Territory of Aceh. The special term is included the terms of culture, religion and education. In Indonesia, Aceh also has other popular name; “Serambi Mekkah” or the Mecca’s front veranda…. Read More

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