Rafflesia Arnoldii (Corps Flower)

Where to Find Coprs Flower?

Indonesia is a country which is famous because it has so many unique cultures and traditional arts. Besides having so many traditional attractions, Indonesia also has some natural attractions that cannot be found in other countries in the world, such as bunga bangkai or corpse flower. What makes is so unique? Let’s check it out…. Read More

The Performance of Reog Ponorogo

The performance of Reog Ponorogo can be called as the traditional performance and even it also bring up the identity for the area of Ponorogo. This is about the traditional dance which always perform about the story of a prince who are about to marry the wonderful princess. This is also the story about a… Read More

Top 10 Places to Have Hot Water Swim

Hot water swim is one of the treatments to cure the stress and refresh your mind. There are a lot of hot water swim in Indonesia which can be your alternative to visit. In this article, the writer will review about 10 hot water swim in Indonesia. Cisolok hot water swim in Pelabuhan Ratu Cisolok… Read More


10 Things to do in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a hub of the economical and government in Indonesia. Jakarta always visited by most of the Indonesia people. Because it is an often visited, these are 10 places to visit in Jakarta. Visiting National Monument (Monas) Monas means National Monument. It is one of the attractive… Read More

Ngaben – Bali Traditional Ceremony

Death is an event of human life and people from all around the world with different cultural background of course has the tradition about burial. People who are still alive should pay respect for the dead person by providing the burial ceremony which is suitable with their religion and tradition. Ceremony of death is kind… Read More

The Best International Exhibition in Indonesia

Actually, there are plenty of international exhibitions for 2013 which will be surely held on Indonesia. Just like what you will find out on 16 up to 20 October 2013, and this is about the Indonesian International Trade Expo on 28th. This is the famous international event which is always about the showcase for all… Read More

Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia

Amazing Things That You Would Find on Weh Island

Weh Island is an island that could be found on the northern of Banda Aceh. This beautiful island is the perfect place for diving and snorkeling. The water is so clear and the beaches on this island are very beautiful. You also could enjoy several local foods and drinks as well. Location: The location of the… Read More

Orang Utan

Real Life of Orang Utan at Tanjung Puting

Indonesia is full of exotic flora and fauna which cannot be found in any part in this world, and orang utan can be classified as one of the rare animal in the world. It is only can be found in one place in this world, and it is in Indonesia. Basically orang utan can be… Read More

Jembatan Ampera (Ampera Bridge) At Night

The Good Looks of Jembatan Ampera, Palembang, Indonesia

Visiting Indonesia brings you to beautiful places spread all over the sides of the country. Indonesia has many islands and each of the islands consists of areas. Each of the areas has its own landmarks to attract tourists to visit. Let’s take a look at Sumatra Island. When you visit South Sumatra, you cannot ignore… Read More

Mendut Temple

Bring Excitement on Your Trip by Visiting Mendut

Besides Borobudur and Prambanan, other temple that could be found in Indonesia is Mendut Temple. This temple might be not as popular as the previous two, but it still offer amazing site to be explored and well worth visited. Below are some essential details about the site. Location: Mendut Temple is located in Central Java, not… Read More

Sunrise At Sanur

Feel the Beautiful Sunrise in Sanur Beach

All people have a dream to come to Bali. Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and today most people from foreign countries come to Bali and enjoy some tourism spots there. There are some important places that you must visit when you come to Bali. One of the best beaches… Read More

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