Lawa Cave Architecture

Close with the Nature in Goa Lawa

All people want to visit to new place when they have free day. They can come to some attractive places near their home. For you who live in Central Java, you can come to Gua Lawa (Lawa Cave). This cave is located in Sirawak, Karangreja, Purbalingga. You need to continue your journey more or less… Read More

jakarta pickle

Top 10 Unique Foods For Souvenirs You Should Buy

Besides of rich culture diversity and the other uniqueness in every region in Indonesia, there are unique foods also in every country of Indonesia. In every region of Indonesia, you can find the unique food originally from its city that you can buy as souvenir to your family, friends or relatives. This time this article… Read More

Kintamani Lake (Bali)

Tasting The Uniqueness of Kintamani Lake Tradition

Nobody who does not know about Bali because this land consists of many amazing natural places that are combined with the culture and traditional art, and one of them is Kintamani. Kintamani is a place which mostly related to a mystical belief due to the existence of Trunyan graveyard, is there anything else that we… Read More

Celuk Bali Silver (Souvenir)

Fantastic Silver Jewelries at Celuk Bali Village

Silver or even gold are both lovely metals to be made into jewelries. Bali has a region that is set to be the area where tourists can find the various creations of silver as well as gold. That region is called Celuk and this village is worthy to be visited for the dazzling souvenirs to… Read More

Istiqlal Mosque Jakarta

Amazing Things That Could Be Found at Istiqlal Mosque

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. There are many interesting places that could be visited on this city. One of the most popular places on Jakarta is Istiqlal Mosque. Besides as tourist attraction, this place is also known as one of the most famous religious sites in Indonesia. This mosque was built to celebrate… Read More

Gili Trawangan Island

Gili Trawangan – Visit Biggest Island In Lombok

Gili Trawangan is the biggest islands amongst two other small islands (usually referred as “Gili”) in Lombok. Gili Trawangan is now a world-class attraction, following the title of the fourth world’s best island in Asia, which is given by TripAdvisor. Gili Trawangan visited at least 1,200 tourists every day. It is easy to reach Gili Trawangan…. Read More

Bandung – Paris Van Java (the City of Flower)

If you are living in Jakarta then you might hear a lot about Bandung the capital city of West Java province. Unlike any other big cities in Indonesia, Bandung is a cool place (literally) to hang out with your family and friends because there will be a lot of things that are waiting for you… Read More

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Keong Mas)

TMII – Visiting The Miniatur of Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country with many islands which are spread all around the country. Indonesia is very wide and people in Indonesia comes from various cultural background so people will be able to find a lot of tradition as well as local thing which is interesting besides the nature scenery which must be very… Read More

National Monument (Monas)

Top 10 City Landmark You Should See In Indonesia

Landmark is important for some place or city. It is used to be the symbol of the city itself, so the other foreign people will notice where the city is just from the landmark of the city itself. That is why, many local government create the historical building or the other unique landmark as their… Read More

Pura Besakih – Main Pura In Bali Island

Bali Island, lies in Indonesia, is well known island for its beauty tropic beaches that are good to tan skin. It has also some religious sites especially for Hindu people. Those religious sites called pura. One of these puras is Pura Besakih which is in Besakih village, Rendang prefecture, Karangasem regency, about 62 kilometers from… Read More

Lumpia Semarang

Lumpia – a Unique Food Souvenir From Semarang

When people are visiting Semarang, Central Java, there is no doubt that they will not miss the opportunity for tasting the delicious food which is famous in this town. The food which is quite popular among tourist as well as people in Semarang usually comes from the acculturation of Javanese and Chinese food. Lumpia Semarang… Read More

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