Ciater Hot Spring

Spending Your Time at Ciater Hot Spring, Garut

Garut is a small town that located in West Java not far from Bandung or Jakarta. You could find many interesting places on this town. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Garut is Pemandian Air Panas Ciater or also known as Ciater Hot Spring. Here you could relieve your stress by bathing in… Read More

Bali Milk Pies

Bali Milk Pies – Unique Food Souvenir from Bali

Bali Island is very popular tourist destination in Indonesia, even worldwide. Bali is well known for religious sites, beautiful tropical beaches, place for surfing, cultural tourism, and a lot of souvenirs. There are many things that can be souvenirs from Bali that are clothes, t-shirts, accessories, antiques, and foods. There are many foods that you… Read More

Dunia Fantasi Ancol – Disneyland Alternative in Jakarta

When people in Jakarta want to find recreation place which is not far from their living place, it is sure that Ancol becomes the destination. The beach if quite interesting for people in Jakarta but Dunia Fantasi must be the theme park which is loved by people in Jakarta because it is the only theme… Read More

Bakpia Pathok

Bakpia Pathok – Special Souvenirs Yogyakarta

Yogjakarta is the place where people can find the beauty of culture as well as beauty of nature. Yogjakarta is always interesting to visit moreover with new tourism spots which were published recently. However, it is sure that people who visit Yogjakarta will not forget to bring the special souvenirs from this place and bakpia… Read More

Playing Time Machine By Visiting Kota Tua Jakarta

What will you do in your weekend? Maybe you will go to Mall, hang out in cafĂ© or taking a walk to a beach. All of them sound very common and…boring! That is why you should find another place of vacation that will give you something different like visiting Kota Tua Jakarta. If you are… Read More

Mount Rinjani

Enjoy The Unique Of Rain Forest Ecosystem At Rinjani Mountain

Mount Rinjani National Park is a representative mountain with a unique type of rain forest ecosystem. This national park is characterized with low to high mountains but it also has savannah in Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia. Because of that, one of the biggest mountain in eastern Indonesia becomes suitable as a tourism spot that deserves… Read More

Jam Gadang (Padang, West Sumatra)

Jam Gadang – Indonesia Traditional Big Ben at Padang

In London, Big Ben is really famous as one hot spot destination for every tourist who are visiting London or England, but do you know that Indonesia also has the famous and unique big clock? Yup that clock is called as Jam Gadang. So, how interesting is this place? This place has been the symbol… Read More

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