Monggo Chocolates Packaging

Popular Chocolate Souvenirs in Jogja, Monggo Chocolates

Jogja is the second most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. This city is located in Special Region of Yogyakarta and well known for its cultural tourism. It is Javanese monarch which still exists until nowadays. Rituals and cultural ceremonies are often held every year and usually they have schedule based on Java calendar. There are… Read More

Batik Cirebon

Batik Cirebon – Unique Batik Choice for your Souvenir

Batik is product of culture which is very identical with Indonesia. After it is recognized as UNESCO world heritage, the popularity of batik is increasing. There are some batik centers which can be found in Indonesia and each has different specification from other. Although Jogjakarta, Solo, and Pekalongan is well known as popular batik center,… Read More

Kuta Lombok

Kuta Beach Lombok – Amazing Beach Paradise

As soon as the word Kuta being mentioned, there will be a lot of people will think about Bali unless if that people asked are the surfers who know exactly that there is another Kuta in Lombok. This region has the stunning scenery to be viewed and the beaches are amongst the best in Indonesia…. Read More

Tugu Katulistiwa

Equator Monument – Pontianak

Pontianak is known as the city on equator which is located in West Kalimantan. The city lies on the banks of Kapuas River. Kapuas itself appears to be one of the longest rivers throughout the world. In Indonesia, Kapuas is the longest and largest river. When it comes to Pontianak, no one will ignore its… Read More

Mount Dieng

Dieng – Ideal Destination for Tranquility

If you want to find the natural tourism place which can get you away from the rush hour of city life, Dieng is the best choice. Want to know what can you get there? Let’s check out. The name of “Dieng” maybe is not as great as Bromo Volcano, but Dieng can offer an amazing… Read More

Tana Toraja (Makasar, Indonesia)

Tana Toraja – A Unique Tomb You might Find only in Indonesia

When it comes to tourism, the tropical country Indonesia has a lot to offer. Besides its natural beauty, Indonesia also has an exceptional culture. Cultural attractions are common things you will find in Indonesia, and they are all unique. One of the most exciting cultural sites is Tana Toraja. It literally means “Toraja Land” and… Read More

Keraton Yogyakarta

Keraton Yogyakarta: Watching The Living Traditional Aristocracy

Watching the aristocratic life is very enjoyable because we will be brought to an unusual life style which is full of amazing thing, moreover if it is traditional aristocratic kingdom such as Keraton Yogyakarta. Keraton Yogyakarta is one of many traditional aristocratic kingdoms which still maintain its culture until now. Fortunately this place is not… Read More

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