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Palembang, A Former Capital City of the Powerful Kingdom of Srivijaya in 7th Century

Palembang is located in the southern Sumatera Island. This Province of South Sumatera has the capital city of province, which is Palembang. Palembang is near with Province of Bangka Belitung Islands and province of Lampung, and Province of Bengkulu. Palembang is famous by the nature source such as like petroleum, natural gas, and coal. Besides, the capital city of province, Palembang is well known and famous as the central of the Sriwijaya Kingdom in the 7th century to the 12th century. Sriwijaya Kingdom was famous because of its maritime. Sriwijaya was the strongest maritime in Indonesia at that time. And then in the 13th century to the 14th century, Palembang was under the power of Majapahit Kingdom, which was located in the central java. And then in the 15th century, Palembang was ruled by kasultanan Palembang, until the coming of the Dutch colony to the Sumatera Island, and then taken by Japan in the late of World War II.


Palembang City

The traditional culture in the Palembang is varied. There are many tourism spots to be visited there. The most important and famous spot is Musi river, especially the landscape in the evening or in the night. And there is Ampera Bridge which is popular and many visited by tourists. And the traditional culture in Palembang is varied, basically, the traditional culture is divided into three main branches of traditional culture. The first traditional culture is from the architecture buildings. The character of the Palembang’s architecture is Limas house. It has the characteristic, such as like terraced house. And this unique house is used only when the family holds the traditional ceremony. Second is traditional dance. There are famous dances in Palembang, there are Madik Dance, Nindai dance, Mejeng Besuko Dance, Rodat Cempako dance and Tenun Songket Dance. The last traditional ceremony is local traditional song. There are so many local traditional songs in every region in Indonesia; every ethnic has its own local traditional song. Palembang has Cuk Mak Ilang, Dek Sangke, Gending Sriwijaya, and Kabile-bile and many more traditional songs that is usually had by every ethnic in Indonesia.


Ampera Bridge, Palembang

The location of the international airport in Palembang is Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, which is located in 10km in the district of Sukarame, Palembang. The name of the airport is given to the honor of the king of Palembang kingdom, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II. The Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II airport provides taxi and bus to the tourist, or you can call your local tourist agent to give you help.