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Pangkal Pinang, the Tin City of Indonesia

Pangkal Pinang is a city in Bangka Island of Indonesia. Pangkal Pinang is the center of the island’s activity. Pangkal or Pengkal in Malay means the center, the beginning point or the base. It refers to the role of this city as the center of the tin mining industry. While the word ‘Pinang’ pointed to the palm or areca nut in the city area. Indeed, Pangkal Pinang is the representative of Bangka Island which famous for its tin. The word “Bangka” itself came from “Wangka” which means tin. Yes, Beside famous for the beautiful beaches and cultural richness, Bangka is popular as the “Tin Islands” since the Kingdom eras. The tin production in this area is one of the biggest in the world. If you want to track the history of tin in these islands, there is a Tin Museum in the heart of Pangkal Pinang city. Just like commonly capital cities, Pangkal Pinang turned from a small mining city into the center of the islands’ activities.

Pangkal Pinang

Pangkal Pinang

Pangkal Pinang also famous for its cultural richness. There are many tribes inhabited the city. But however the Malay culture which influenced since the kingdoms era is the icon culture in this city. But there are other popular and significant Chinese ethnic group in the city. Pangkal Pinang itself historically has had a strong Chinese influence since the early of 1770. It derived when a Sultan of Palembang Darussalam, Mahmud Badaruddin II, brought in the workers from China to work in tin mines in Bangka.

pangkal pinang

Bangka-Belitung which formally known as the Bangka-Belitung Archipelago has many attractions spread around the regions, included in Pangkal Pinang. In this city numerous beautiful beaches are waiting. Pasir Padi Beach is the most famous beach in Pangkal Pinang. It is about 7 km from the center of the city. This beach is perfect place to watch the perfect sunrise and sunset. When it is low tide you can walk to the Punan Island and play with the calm water. Tanjung Bunga Beach also beautiful, just 2.5 km from the Pasir Padi Beach. For you who love the sea foods, Pangkal Pinang has the delicious Lempah Kuning.

taman kota

Taman Kota Pangkal Pinang

Pangkal Pinang is the main gate of the Bangka Island. Port and airport will welcome you. Pangkal Pinang has the Depati Amir Airport as the air gate. You will soon step your foot in center of Pangkal Pinang city because the distance from the Depati Amir is just about 7 km.